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Life by Design Consultants offers services that can be tailored to your firm's unique needs.

Damage career prospects

Determine the short term and long term impact the outcome of your client's case will have on his or her career prospects.Examine alternatives to their current employment field. Assist the client in calculating their current and future value to the workplace.

Also, assess the economic devaluation of their future earnings in a worst case scenario.

17 years of experience

Ms. Savage has over 17 years of experience in workforce development. She has implemented and/or been involved in workforce development programs at the county, state, and federal level. She has worked with non-profits and government agencies throughout her career.

Ms. Savage possesses a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to the judicial system. One of her passions is identifying documented evidence that can be used to mitigate a client's case during the pre-sentencing phase. Contact her today to learn more: 850-586-8579.

Job search analysis

Analyze your client's job search, personal motivation, intensity levels, skill sets and more.

The inability to find a job is often used by defendants as a reason for committing certain types of crimes. In some cases this can be used as a mitigating circumstance. Get the facts. Have your client evaluated today!

Labor market analysis

Get an individualized labor market analysis conducted on your client to determine if a poor labor market is the reason for their criminal actions. It could be that they are making gross generalizations that are not applicable to all fields of employment.

Find out if the labor market is really as bad as your client says it is or if there are other factors that are contributing to their inability to find sustainable employment.

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