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“I am only one, but still I am one.I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”


Sheila Savage
Florida Expert Witness

Sheila Savage is a workforce development consultant who has over 17 years of practical experience helping job seekers to find jobs.To date, she has successfully implemented and/or been involved in workforce development programs at the county, state and federal level. As a speaker, trainer, author, and consultant she been instrumental in helping hundreds of ex-offenders reclaim their lives. Her message of hope and perseverance inspires others to reach for their very best and cautions them not to allow the opinions of others to be more important than the opinion that God has of them.

In 2007, Ms. Savage was selected as an Honors VIP recipient by Cambridge Who's Who. Most recently in 2013, she completed and passed a National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) approved course to become a meditation instructor in an effort to reach out to ex-offenders who need extra help in mentally preparing for the job search.

She is now offering meditation classes and introducing a line of meditation products for ex-offenders, their families and other professionals who work with them. Ms. Savage was also recently selected as a featured expert author at Ezine Articles and is currently in the Top 10 of job search experts on the site. Please contact Ms. Savage if you would like to learn more about how her products and services can benefit you or your organization.

B.S., Career and Technical Education, University of West Florida. Currently completing a M.Ed.

Life by Design Consultants Mission

Life By Design Consultants works with public sector organizations to provide workplace skills training and on-site computer based training. We offer custom solutions for non-profit workforce development agencies.Our goal is to offer a seamless delivery of workforce development services tailored to your individual agency or organizational needs. We have developed employment training programs at the county, state and federal level for workforce development agencies, correctional agencies,social service agencies and private sector businesses. We are dedicated to bringing you timely cost-effective solutions to assist you in meeting your law firm's requirements. Our specialty is in working with marginalized populations such as jail and prison inmates, ex-offenders, welfare- to- work recipients, the disabled and the staff members of the agencies/ businesses who serve and/or hire them.

Why Peer Based Programming Works

Why peer based programming? Peer based programming has had tremendous results in such areas as mental health and substance abuse recovery, rape crisis victims, as well as, assisting those who are victims of domestic violence. Studies show that people respond better to information from persons who have gone through similar life situations such as the ones listed above. Consequently, one size fits all programming rarely works in improving client performance measurement outcomes or employee outcomes for staff members.

Further, peer based programming has now become an acceptable model for rehabilitation within and without the criminal justice system, mental health agencies and other agencies that work with marginalized populations. In order to provide a seamless delivery of services the client must be properly informed and trained on all the options available through transition assistance provided by your agency. Proper information and training for both clients and staff members result in better performance outcomes for both clients and staff members.

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