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Sheila Savage is the CEO of Life by Design Consultants, a full service consulting firm based in Pensacola, Florida.

Life by Design Consultants has been providing workforce development solutions to local, state, and federal agencies since 2002. We specialize in criminal law cases, family law cases,employment law cases, personal injury cases, and social security cases.

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FAQs about Workforce Development Consultants:

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1What is a Workforce Development Consultant?

A Workforce Development Consultant provides interviewing, screening and counseling to clients about potential employment barriers, alternate training and job opportunities; often referring individuals for vocational assessment and counseling; evaluating vocational interests, education and experience for program placement; developing employability plans; and conducting labor market analysis, job search skills analysis along with measuring the motivation, and intensity of the job search by the client.

2How can a Workforce Development Consultant help with a criminal case?

A Workforce Development Consultant can be instrumental during the pre-sentencing phase of a criminal case. Many times defendants have little to no work experience or job search knowledge. This lack of employment knowledge can often make a person feel desperate and cause them to commit crimes out of necessity in an effort to provides basic needs for themselves and/or their families. In some cases, the defendant's unconscious incompetence regarding employment may be used as a basis for a lesser sentence.

3How can a Workforce Development Consultant help with a (VOP) hearing?

A Workforce Development Consultant can do a labor market analysis in the event that a defendant says that they could not find work due to a poor labor market and/or barriers due to a criminal conviction. An individualized labor market analysis will measure whether the defendant's allegations are accurate and how their barriers, whether real or perceived, impacted their ability to find employment. In some cases, it may result in the defendant receiving alternative sentencing.

4How can a transferable skills analysis help a defendant?

A transferable skills analysis can identify a client's strongest skills that will allow them to find employment quickly if released. If a defendant can prove to a judge that they have marketable skills then the judge may refer them to a diversionary program that will allow them to work in the community versus giving them jail or prison time.

5How can a Workforce Development Consultant help with personal injury cases?

A Workforce Development Consultant can assess the damage an injury has caused to the plaintiff's career prospects which may have an impact on the amount of the monetary award he or she receives from the case.

6What tools do Workforce Development Consultants use to formulate their opinions?
Workforce Development Consultants may use validated assessment instruments, specialized software, personal interviews, and professional judgment based on education and training to formulate their opinions in a case.

Sheila Savage

Workforce Development Consultant

(850) 586-8579

Sheila Savage is a Florida court approved expert witness. She is also a workforce development consultant with over 17 years of practical experience. To date, she has successfully implemented and/or been involved in workforce development programs at the county, state and federal level. She holds a B.S. in Career and Technical Education from the University of West Florida and is currently completing a M.Ed..

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